Want to Write for RotoAnalysis?

If you’re interested in writing for RotoAnalysis, let us know! Email Matt Cott (mcott323@gmail.com) for details and we will certainly give you a look. A couple notes and suggestions:

  • Expect to write on a regular schedule – we aim for 1 article a week for most of our staff writers.
  • Be ready to come up with your own article topics! It’s always better to write about what you’re passionate about, not a given, boring subject you aren’t that interested in.
  • Have an example article ready or be willing to write one – it’s the easiest way for us to see your work as well as the best way for you to improve your writing.
  • Even better than having just one article, a WordPress blog or previous work on other sites is always fantastic.

When it comes to freelance writing, everybody is basically looking for two things: quality and reliability. If you can provide quality material reliably you’ll be set. Demonstrate both of those things to us and we’ll be sure to take you on. Thanks!

–The RotoAnalysis Crew

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