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Should LeBron Really Shoot More?

While I hate to write about the single most-talked about player in the NBA, I wanted to look into several of the myths and hypotheses about LeBron James, the Miami Heat, and their validity. LeBron is currently third in the league in points per game (27.7) and fourth among qualified players in field goal percentage [...]

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The Power of the Preseason Poll

With a relatively short season, a single elimination tournament, and 18-year old athletes, college basketball is one of the hardest sports to measure and predict. Sources like Ken Pomeroy and ESPN’s BPI have been huge improvements in recent years, but the flaws of the RPI and the AP Poll are still extremely visible and accepted [...]

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Episode 74: “Look Out Yan Gomes.” Featuring Alan Boston

This week, Moe Koltun hosts Matt Cott to answer your Twitter questions, discuss fantasy baseball and much more. Plus, in light of the upcoming NCAA tourney, Moe called up legendary Vegas college hoops bettor Alan Boston to detail the corruption within the selection committee, give out some good picks for round 1, and discuss who [...]

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NCAA Basketball Power Rankings

I haven’t written much about college basketball on the site in the past, but I had a lot of thoughts on the season and wanted to publish my own opinions. A lot of college basketball analysis is flawed, and the basic issue I find with traditional analysis is the fact that even when you lose [...]

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A Breakdown of the 2014 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

This year was my third time attending the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, and it’s amazing to see how it has changed in such a short time period. Baseball has become increasingly advanced, and basketball has arrived at the forefront of the sports analytics movement. Here are some of my notes from the conference on the [...]

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2014′s Top 125 Prospects

It’s now my third year posting my top 125 prospect list here and I have learned a lot by doing so. A list like this can never be perfect (or close to it), but you have to just play the odds. Some top prospects will bust, and some lower-tier guys will blow up. Here are [...]

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Category by Category: Fixing Your Fantasy Team

As the season reaches it’s halfway point, the strengths and weaknesses of your fantasy team are clear. Whether it’s a weekly or season-long rotisserie league, there’s still time to make up ground in any individual category. With a look towards advanced stats, here are my picks for under-owned players who will help your team out [...]

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Basketball Coverage This Season

We’re pleased to announce that we have some brand new basketball content for you this year and that this should be our best basketball season yet on RotoAnalysis. Co-founder Matt Cott has spent a lot of time developing some basketball advanced metrics, and created a new site: He created a Wins Above Replacement metric [...]

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