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Player Profile: Brian McCann

One of the hardest things about baseball is predicting what a player is capable of in the pre-season. Many felt that Brian McCann would be a top 5 catcher after signing his contract to play in the bandbox that is Yankee Stadium. However, it is difficult to predict how a change in leagues and teams [...]

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Prospect Hunting: Gregory Polanco Part 2

Living in Syracuse does not have many perks. Raising a son does not leave me the time I wish to have to scout more players as they come through our AAA affiliate as I would wish but tonight provided an opportunity that I could not pass up. While it is very difficult to navigate the [...]

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Flirting with the Waiver Wire: Week 7

“I want to be someone’s last call of the night & their first thought in the morning.” Unknown Have to admit that I enjoy this column but finding funny dating quotes can be tough. This one stands though since dating websites are multi-million dollar businesses as a result of our need to be wanted. While [...]

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Player Profile: Zach Britton

“Evolution is a process of constant branching and expansion.” Stephen Jay Gould  If you are into Darwinism this may be true, but when a starting pitcher moves to the bullpen sometimes simplifying their repertoire is the key to success. As an example, I am going to look at Zach Britton who quite possibly has been [...]

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Flirting with the Waiver Wire: Week 6

“The sea hath fish for every man.” William Camden While the quote is true, as the season goes on, the waiver wire pool is getting shallower. This is the lull between the hot first month and the Super 2 waiting period for the next wave of prospects to return. Even though the Pirates are struggling [...]

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Player Profile: Yasmani Grandal

It is hard to believe that I am looking at a Padre when considering an offensive boost since they are struggling to score runs. But Yasmani Grandal may quietly be showing signs of life. Virtually undrafted, even in two catcher leagues, he is playing himself into the full time catcher role coming off of suspension [...]

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Flirting with the Waiver Wire: Week 5

As a child of the 70’s I take pleasure today as May 4th celebrates Star Wars. Some of my favorite memories include going to see Star Wars at the drive-in (for maybe the 10th time) dragging my family or friends as long as it was playing. Maybe it was the perfect segue pulling me to [...]

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Prospect Hunting: C.J. Cron

In a curious move, the Angels have shaken up their roster promoting Grant Green and CJ Cron. Both are in tonight’s lineup against Matt Harrison of the Rangers. Cron is a first round draft pick out of the University of Utah and debuts tonight arriving to the majors ahead of fellow first base prospect Jonathan [...]

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