Official 2014 Rankings: Top 25 Quarterbacks

After a bit of a hiatus, RotoAnalysis co-founders Matt Cott & Matt Schwimmer are back with their final preseason rankings for the 2014 season. At quarterback, we unanimously have Peyton has #1, but really view it as a clear top 3 where Brees or Rodgers is nearly as likely to finish atop the leaderboard.

The fast-paced offenses in Chicago and Philadelphia make Jay Cutler and Nick Foles two of our favorite value options at QB, while the tremendous depth at the position forces the likes of Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, and Tony Romo, all former fantasy studs, to the fringe of the top 10. The success of so many quarterbacks makes it a tricky position to rank, as there are so many viable options, but it only makes it that much more important to find the starter who can get you 20 fantasy points per week. If you don’t get one of the top 3 or 4 options, we definitely recommend carrying 2 quarterbacks and playing the matchups to get elite production.

1Peyton Manning111
2Aaron Rodgers232.5
3Drew Brees322.5
4Andrew Luck444
5Matthew Stafford576
6Cam Newton766.5
7Nick Foles856.5
8Jay Cutler697.5
9Colin Kaepernick9109.5
10Tom Brady1189.5
11Matt Ryan101110.5
12Tony Romo131212.5
13Russell Wilson121413
14Phillip Rivers141313.5
15Robert Griffin III161515.5
16Carson Palmer151816.5
17Ben Roethlisberger181717.5
18Andy Dalton191617.5
19Alex Smith172119
20Eli Manning211920
21Ryan Tannehill202221
22Johnny Manziel252022.5
23Josh McCown222423
24Joe Flacco242323.5
25Jake Locker232524


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