2013 Tight End Rankings: Tier by Tier

Tight end is unlike any position in fantasy football. Outside of Jimmy Graham, the options all have major question marks. When will Rob Gronkowski play? Does Tony Gonzalez have anything left? Jake Axelrod continued his tiered rankings by covering the troubled position.

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Tier 1

1. Jimmy Graham

Notes: Jimmy is a better auction guy than snake draft. Going to have to use a second round pick most likely to get him, so you miss out on RB2 or WR1. Auction draft allows you to go shallower on bench or make a few downgrades to get him. Studly though.

Tier 2

2. Rob Gronkowski

Notes: Even 2/3 a Gronk season will be clear number 2. I think he’s being slept on big time. Brady has no other targets besides Amendola and Vareen.

Tier 3

3. Jason Witten

4. Tony Gonzalez

Notes: Witten had an underratedly great year last year….I’ll never own Tony Gonzalez, too afraid he’ll stop all production at once.

Tier 4

Greg Olsen is the target of most owners after the consensus top 4 are off the board.

Greg Olsen is the target of most owners after the consensus top 4 are off the board.

5. Greg Olsen

6. Brandon Myers

Notes: Olsen will be main passing target on a team with only one quality WR. Could easily be in Tier 3 but will last season’s momentum carry over?….Giants have been getting quality TE production from talentless guys for years, now they have one of the most talented one.

Tier 5

7. Kyle Rudolph

8. Vernon Davis

9. Owen Daniels

10. Brandon Pettigrew

Notes: Kyle Rudolph is in a bad situation, but he’s a really talented player so I give him the benefit of the doubt versus overvalued vets (Davis, Daniels)….Pettigrew could fall a tier if Reggie Bush is consistently on the field.

Tier 6

11. Jared Cook

12. Antonio Gates

13. Martellus Bennet

14. Dustin Keller

Notes: Cook has never put it together. Maybe he will this year but I doubt it…..Other 3 guys are bye week pickups who will most likely put up 4-5 points consistently but don’t have high upside for the season.

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