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Studying Strikeout Rates: Whose Will Rise & Whose Will Fall?

When looking at early season statistics, it’s important to see what can be sustained and what cannot. A third of the season is already in the books, and when it comes to projecting the final two thirds of the year only one thing is certain: some players will regress from unrealistic paces, and others will [...]

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How Hard Is It To Sustain Success Without Drawing Walks?

Yasiel Puig has been in the news a lot lately. He’s had phenomenal start to his career, well aside from the Diamondbacks’ catcher Miguel Montero hating him. He’s also had most of his success without drawing many walks, which inevitably has sent him sliding down a mountain into inevitable comparisons to known hacker Jeff Francouer. [...]

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Pitchers & Strikeouts: Studying Swinging Strike Rate

In general, strikeouts focus in on one skill of a pitcher: whether or not they can get batters to swing and miss. Following this simple logic, it’s pretty clear that the higher a pitcher’s swinging strike rate, the higher their strikeout rate should be. However, this doesn’t always remain true. Every fantasy owner is looking [...]

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SP Research: Does Movement Really Matter?

After digging into velocity trends, I’m moving on in my pitching research to movement. There’s no simple way to break down pitch movement; sometimes pitches have a small but late cut, and sometimes they have a slower, winding curve. BrooksBaseball[1] does the best job of anybody at breaking it down and I’ll be using their [...]

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SP Research: Does Velocity Really Matter?

As advanced as sabermetrics are, there are still a lot of myths regarding aspects of baseball analytics. When it comes to pitching, it’s far from an exact science or statistic that you look for. Is it all about velocity? Having good secondary pitches? Having sick movement? There’s no one single way to characterize a good [...]

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The Disparity Between Swinging Strike % and Strikeouts

Earlier this week, I was having a discussion with my great friend and co-writer Moe Koltun about Josh Hamilton. He was telling me how Josh Hamilton’s contact % on Fangraphs was much higher than his actual contact rate – the amount of times you actually end an at-bat by putting the ball in play. I [...]

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