Rankings Update: Top 60 Outfielders

We’re back continuing our updated rankings with a massive list of outfielders. The tiers at outfield are pretty bizarre this year — after the top 10 or so guys it becomes a crapshoot depending on team need. Need power? Go for a Nelson Cruz/Yoenis Cespedes type. Need speed? Nate McLouth and Michael Bourn are there for the taking too.

Once you get to the lower tiers the pickings are slimmer, but there is still plenty of value. Outfield is traditionally one of the deepest positions and this year is no exception. Set up your team the right way with a balance of speed, power, and average and you should be in good shape!

PlayerMatt CottMoe KoltunMatt SchwimmerAverage
1Carlos Gonzalez1211.33
2Mike Trout2121.67
3Adam Jones3333.00
4Andrew McCutchen4454.33
5Ryan Braun5544.67
6Chris Davis6766.33
7Jose Bautista7676.67
8Bryce Harper88108.67
9Carlos Gomez91199.67
10Justin Upton139810.00
11Jacoby Ellsbury11121111.33
12Giancarlo Stanton12101211.33
13Shin-Soo Choo10131412.33
14Alex Rios16141314.33
15Hunter Pence15181516.00
16Allen Craig17171616.67
17Matt Holliday18161817.33
18Yoenis Cespedes27152020.67
19Michael Cuddyer23231721.00
20Nelson Cruz14302121.67
21Carlos Beltran21212321.67
22Domonic Brown24192221.67
23Coco Crisp25202523.33
24Nate McLouth19243124.67
25Michael Bourn29222425.00
26Starling Marte20253225.67
27Jay Bruce22272926.00
28Austin Jackson30262627.33
29Dexter Fowler26233528.00
30Alex Gordon31292829.33
31Matt Carpenter28283329.67
32Desmond Jennings32312730.00
33Yasiel Puig33401930.67
34Alejandro De Aza34323533.67
35Mark Trumbo35353635.33
36Curtis Granderson42363036.00
37Norichika Aoki37333936.33
38Brett Gardner39383437.00
39Matt Kemp38373737.33
40Shane Victorino41344941.33
41Nick Markakis44443842.00
42Josh Willingham46424042.67
43Josh Reddick47414143.00
44Carl Crawford40395444.33
45Lorenzo Cain36485546.33
46Josh Hamilton54434246.33
47Daniel Nava50454546.67
48Angel Pagan43475347.67
49Nick Swisher51464848.33
50Gerardo Parra50494748.67
51Ben Zobrist45505951.33
52Chris Denorfia56544451.33
53Alfonso Soriano48555151.33
54Evan Gattis60514652.33
55Matt Joyce53575655.33
56Colby Rasmus75534357.00
57Torii Hunter59565757.33
58Will Venable58595858.33
59AJ Pollock49755258.67
60Kelly Johnson55527560.67
61Michael Morse75585061.00
62Drew Stubbs52756062.33
63Michael Brantley57757569.00
64Wil Myers75607570.00


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