Paul Konerko

Player Profile: Paul Konerko

There is one enormous misconception that a lot of sports fans seem to have, and I want to put it to rest: when an old athlete underperforms, it isn’t due to his age 100% of the time. When an old player underperforms in just half of a season, I’d say that’s doubly true. When David [...]

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Fantasy Baseball Preseason Rankings: Top 30 First Basemen

While Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder, and Joey Votto represent a triumvirate of studs at the 1B position, there’s a pretty steep drop off. Even just 5 years ago the back end of the top 10 was filled with studs, but now there are just question marks. That’s not to say that there aren’t many intriguing [...]

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Fantasy Baseball First Base Preview

By  Greg Jewett (@gjewett9) “The more you seek security, the less of it you have. But the more you seek opportunity, the more likely it is you will achieve the security you desire.” –Brian Tracy The quote above speaks to competition and preparation.  As we prepare for the upcoming baseball season we are told how [...]

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Cold Starts: Legit or Not?

While damage to the site has delayed my follow up to an article on hot starts (, here’s my take on some of the coldest starts from around the league. I’ll start it off with the guys with “Legit” bad starts, meaning I think they will continue to struggle. After breaking those down I’ll go [...]

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Player Profile: Joe Mauer

It seems like we have this discussion going into every season: what in the world are we to expect from Joe Mauer? When healthy, there is no question that Mauer can be an elite catcher in the fantasy world. Of course the paramount question with Mauer is always going to be his health. Playing catcher [...]

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Fantasy Baseball Preseason Rankings: Top 30 Catchers

Catcher has undergone a weird transformation as a position in recent years. In general, it is pretty easily the weakest crop of talent — while that should make it easy to just ignore, there are many paths you can go down: the upside of old studs (Brian McCann, Mike Napoli, Victor Martinez), recent upstarts (Wilin [...]

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Big Birds Don’t Cry: A Retro Diary of The Seahawks/Falcons Game

9:00 AM - Game day. Easily the most nervous I’ve been about a Seahawks game since Super Bowl XL. Speaking of which, can someone confirm that Bill Leavy is no where near Atlanta? In fact, can we confirm that he is out of the country altogether? You’re probably wondering how a Boston kid like myself became a [...]

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Episode 46: “Tequila and Coors Light Fueled Roller Coaster Ride.” Featuring Matt L’Heureux

This week, Moe Koltun hosts Matt Schwimmer and Matt Cott to talk about the fantasy spin on some Major League Baseball offseason transactions, Moe rants about the Hall of Fame and afterward the gang discusses its flaws and possible ways to fix it, we answer your Twitter questions, do the usual, fun 21 questions, and [...]

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