Preseason Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Top 30 Shortstops

Despite an injury filled 2012, Troy Tulowitzki has reclaimed the throne at Shortstop. Jose Reyes garnered one #1 ranking between the three rankers and was the top guy on the player rater last season to land #2 in the rankings. There are plenty of intriguing options in the top 10, with young guys like Elvis [...]

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Regression & Bounce Back: First Basemen

Any experienced fantasy player knows that their draft is all about finding value. The owner that maximizes value the most often should end up with the best team when Opening Day rolls around. Each year, finding out whether what any given player did the year before can be sustained for another season is very important. [...]

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Player Profile: Ike Davis

Mets first baseman Ike Davis has been something of an enigma since his arrival onto the scene in 2010. Once a top prospect, Davis played 147 games in 2010, where he had a .264/.351/.440 line along with 19 homers, 71 RBI and 73 runs; a solid season for a rookie. Davis entered 2011 primed for [...]

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Ian Desmond

Fantasy Baseball Shortstop Preview

Second Base Preview, First Base Preview, Catcher Preview. “Things turn out best for people who make the best out of the way things turn out.” John Wooden As I researched the Shortstop position, this quote stood out to me. There are going to be wide disparities in how people view Shortstop. It will be a [...]

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Adrian Peterson

Fantasy Football’s Misunderstood: Cam & AP

The 2012 Fantasy Football season saw a number of great things. The emergence of 3 incredible rookie quarterbacks, the amazing comebacks of Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson, the record setting year from Calvin Johnson, the list goes on. But like every year, a number of players were chalked up as busts, and likewise others were [...]

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Fantasy Baseball Preseason Rankings: Top 30 Second Basemen

Second base is a strongly team-altering position. There is a ton of talent, and many different ways you can attack the position to help your team. Do you need power and grab Dan Uggla? Do you need speed and grab Jemile Weeks? Do you jump the gun and grab Robbie Cano early? Jason Kipnis and [...]

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Fantasy Baseball Second Base Preview

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” Ben Franklin When I started this preview, I made a preliminary list to work off of and then started doing statistical research within that framework. My list has changed drastically since that initial one, and our collective view of the second base position should do the [...]

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AL Vs. NL: On The Offensive

Throughout my fantasy career, it has always been my practice to select as many American League players for my offense as I could possibly get my hands on. Conversely, I would always lean toward obtaining an almost National League-exclusive pitching roster. The logic is pretty simple: the AL has a reputation of possessing better hitters, not to [...]

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