Official MLB Preseason Rankings – Top 40 First Basemen

Continuing with our series of preseason fantasy baseball rankings, here are our top 40 first basemen. Paul Goldschmidt and Chris Davis get consideration as early as #3 overall, and Edwin Encarnacion also slots into the first round.

First base this year is an interesting study for many classic fantasy baseball debates. Go with the younger upstart (Freeman, Hosmer, Rizzo) or the established veteran (Pujols, Ortiz, Gonzalez)? Go with the bounce back candidate (Fielder, Pujols) or put stock in an absurd 2013 (Davis, Goldschmidt)?

There are a lot of different ways to attack drafts, and first base is more flexible than most other positions. Unless you get one of the top 3, we’d advise waiting at first and stocking up on studs at other positions and grab the likes of Jose Abreu, Brandon Belt, Brandon Moss, or Chris Carter.

Note: a rating of 50 means they were unranked by that individual ranking. That number is just used to calculate the consensus average. 

PlayerMatt CottMatt SchwimmerMoe KoltunAverage
1Paul Goldschmidt2111.33
2Chris Davis1221.67
3Edwin Encarnacion3333.00
4Prince Fielder4544.33
5Joey Votto5454.67
6Freddie Freeman7676.67
7Albert Pujols6787.00
8David Ortiz8867.33
9Eric Hosmer91099.33
10Adrian Gonzalez10111010.33
11Anthony Rizzo1491111.33
12Buster Posey11131212.00
13Allen Craig13121312.67
14Mark Trumbo12141513.67
15Carlos Santana15151414.67
16Joe Mauer17171717.00
17Jose Abreu19161617.00
18Brandon Belt16181817.33
19Daniel Murphy18222120.33
20Michael Cuddyer23191920.33
21Brandon Moss20262222.67
22Matt Adams24212322.67
23Billy Butler22282023.33
24Chris Carter28202424.00
25Mike Napoli21272524.33
26Nick Swisher26252625.67
27Corey Hart29232726.33
28Justin Morneau31242827.67
29Mark Teixeira27292928.33
30Victor Martinez25303229.00
31Ryan Howard30323030.67
32Mitch Moreland32313332.00
33Adam LaRoche33352832.00
34Paul Konerko36333133.33
35Yonder Alonso35313433.33
36Adam Lind34383736.33
37James Loney38363636.67
38Logan Morrison39343837.00
39Adam Dunn40373938.67
40Ike Davis37503540.67
41Josh Satin50334041.00
42Lucas Duda50395046.33
43Garrett Jones50405046.67


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