Fantasy Baseball Preseason Rankings: Top 30 Second Basemen

Second base is a strongly team-altering position. There is a ton of talent, and many different ways you can attack the position to help your team. Do you need power and grab Dan Uggla? Do you need speed and grab Jemile Weeks? Do you jump the gun and grab Robbie Cano early?

Jason Kipnis and Jose Altuve represent the future of the position and should both put in some great full second years. There are a lot of mid-tier options (think Howie Kendrick, Neil Walker, and Martin Prado) who will give you a very average performance but are definitely worth owning. While many of the differences are minor, here are our official site ranks! Tweet us @RotoAnalysis with questions/comments.

NOTE: a rank of “40″ means they were unranked, and is simply used to calculate the average rank.

PlayerMatt CottMoe KoltunMatt SchwimmerAverage
1Robinson Cano1111.00
2Dustin Pedroia2222.00
3Ian Kinsler4354.00
4Brandon Phillips7434.67
5Aaron Hill3744.67
6Jason Kipnis5665.67
7Ben Zobrist6586.33
8Jose Altuve8877.67
9Rickie Weeks1210910.33
10Dan Uggla991410.67
11Neil Walker10121211.33
12Martin Prado11141112.00
13Danny Espinosa14161013.33
14Howie Kendrick13131513.67
15Jemile Weeks22111315.33
16Chase Utley15151615.33
17Dustin Ackley19191718.33
18Kyle Seager17201918.67
19Kelly Johnson18172118.67
20Omar Infante21182019.67
21Daniel Murphy20241820.67
22Marco Scutaro16222420.67
23Gordon Beckham23232323.00
24Michael Young24272224.33
25Johnny Giavotella29212725.67
26Jeff Keppinger25282526.00
27Darwin Barney26402931.67
28Ryan Roberts30254031.67
29Tyler Greene26294031.67
30Chris Nelson28402832.00
31Mark Ellis27403032.33
32Cliff Pennington40402635.33
33Jamey Carroll40264035.33
34Joe Panik40304036.67


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