Episode 61: “It’s Easily The Sweat Boy.”

This week, Moe Koltun hosts Matt Cott and Matt Schwimmer to answer a ton of your Twitter question, talk about a variety of fantasy baseball topics and answer a bunch of other zany questions. Enjoy.

Note: due to some technical issues, this was recorded last Friday and not released until today. Moe apologizes.

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0:00-0:30 Open

0:30-4:55 Introductions, Plugs and Schwim’s 3 Stats

4:55-21:50 Twitter Questions (@RotoAnalysis)

21:50-31:00 Jeffrey Sharp’s 5

31:00-55:55 Fantasy Baseball Talk

55:55-1:14:50 21 Questions

1:14:50-End Moe’s Movie Rec & Goodbyes

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