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Quick Slants: Reacting to Injuries & General Thoughts

Week 7 was a brutal one for injuries, leaving owners of Doug Martin and Reggie Wayne in shambles and countless other situations around the league changing. Now is as important a time as ever to capitalize on trades, waiver wire pickups, and get wins as players value are shifting at a mile a minute. The [...]

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Episode 73: “He’s All Around Just a Beautiful Man.” Featuring Timothy King

This week, Moe Koltun hosts Matt Schwimmer and Matt Cott to answer your Twitter questions, discuss the season so far and ahead in fantasy football, and talk about a ton of fun topics. Plus, Moe and Schwim have Timothy King (@TKing978) on to talk about the just-finished 2013 season of fantasy baseball, and to look [...]

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Quick Slants: Analyzing Week 4

I’m back with some “quick slants” this week to reflect on some of the biggest fantasy situations around the league. Whether your team is looking as lost as the Giants or as dominant as the Broncos, there’s still a ton of football left to be played. Be careful not to sit back and miss out [...]

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Cold Starts: Legit or Not?

After focusing on some of the hottest starts around the NFL earlier this week, now I’m going to look at some of the coldest starts to decide who’s legit and who’s not. These are some of the hardest calls to make as you don’t want to be the last guy on the ship before it [...]

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Hot Starts: Legit or Not?

Instead of another “Quick Slants” column this week, I’m going to focus on some of what has gone on through three weeks in a different light. Outside of the obvious names (everybody expected Peyton Manning and LeSean McCoy to be good), I want to look at some of the top performers that were a little [...]

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Studying the NFL Trends So Far

After two weeks it’s time to start to see trends that are developing across the league, and see what they truly mean. I’ll break down a few trends in order and why they may be leaning the way they do. High and Low Totals A lot of times bettors see a high line and immediately [...]

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Episode 72: “Throw Out Your 2008 Pants!” Featuring Howard Bender

This week, Moe Koltun hosts Matt Schwimmer and Matt Cott to answer your Twitter questions, contemplate tons of fun hypotheticals, and discuss the weeks ahead (and before) in fantasy football. Plus, the gang has a really fun and informative interview with Howard Bender (@RotoBuzzGuy) about a cavalcade of pertinent fantasy football topics. Enjoy! iTunes. We would [...]

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Quick Slants: Analyzing Week 2

Week 2 is always one of the hardest weeks of the year to predict. You have to compare Week 1 results (fluky) to your preseason expectations (shaky) and try and figure out exactly how to combine all of that information to a correct prediction (impossible). With two weeks in the books now, it’s becoming a [...]

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