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Studying Strikeout Rates: Whose Will Rise & Whose Will Fall?

When looking at early season statistics, it’s important to see what can be sustained and what cannot. A third of the season is already in the books, and when it comes to projecting the final two thirds of the year only one thing is certain: some players will regress from unrealistic paces, and others will [...]

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Cold Starts: For Real or For Naught?

After writing about my thoughts on some of the hottest players around the league last weekend, I wanted to continue by looking at the coldest players to start the year. In this post, I’ll look at a hitter and pitcher whose cold starts will continue, and a hitter and pitcher who will turn things around. [...]

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Should LeBron Really Shoot More?

While I hate to write about the single most-talked about player in the NBA, I wanted to look into several of the myths and hypotheses about LeBron James, the Miami Heat, and their validity. LeBron is currently third in the league in points per game (27.7) and fourth among qualified players in field goal percentage [...]

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Hot Starts: For Real or For Naught?

We’re barely 10 games into a long MLB season, but there’s an influx of new data and it’s easy to overreact. I’m going to take a look at some of the hottest and coldest starts around the league and give my verdict on whether the player’s start will continue. In this post, I’ll look at [...]

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The Power of the Preseason Poll

With a relatively short season, a single elimination tournament, and 18-year old athletes, college basketball is one of the hardest sports to measure and predict. Sources like Ken Pomeroy and ESPN’s BPI have been huge improvements in recent years, but the flaws of the RPI and the AP Poll are still extremely visible and accepted [...]

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Official MLB Preseason Rankings – Top 40 First Basemen

Continuing with our series of preseason fantasy baseball rankings, here are our top 40 first basemen. Paul Goldschmidt and Chris Davis get consideration as early as #3 overall, and Edwin Encarnacion also slots into the first round. First base this year is an interesting study for many classic fantasy baseball debates. Go with the younger [...]

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Official MLB Preseason Rankings – Top 30 Catchers

Last year on the player rater the top 3 catchers was the surprising trio of Yadier Molina, Wilin Rosario, and Jonathan Lucroy. While all three are in our top seven, the consensus 1-2 of all three rankers was Buster Posey and then Carlos Santana. ADPs across the board are pretty low, and catcher is one [...]

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NCAA Basketball Power Rankings

I haven’t written much about college basketball on the site in the past, but I had a lot of thoughts on the season and wanted to publish my own opinions. A lot of college basketball analysis is flawed, and the basic issue I find with traditional analysis is the fact that even when you lose [...]

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