Apex Fantasy Football: Changing the Game

Fantasy Football is a drug. As August comes around there is nothing better than prepping for a fantasy football draft. However, it can get quickly frustrating as we all remember there is plenty of luck in winning fantasy football leagues. For starters, injuries play a much larger role than in any other fantasy sport. Additionally, there are only 12-13 regular season match-ups, which can make it extremely fluky. However, Apex Fantasy Football has set out to fix some of these problems.

The key feature of Apex leagues is that in addition to your weekly head-to-head matchup, you play an additional matchup against the average league score from that week. So, in addition to keeping the excitement of a weekly head-to-head matchup, Apex rewards teams that finish in the top half of points scored that week. That helps remove the frustration when you are the 2nd highest scorer in your league, but go winless in a week because you play the league’s leading scorer.

Apex also uses much deeper rosters than traditional leagues to give experienced owners an extra advantage. In a PPR setting, the league requires you to start a QB, 2RB, 3WR, FLEX, and a TE in addition to the traditional K and D/ST.

Finally, instead of a boring waiver wire system, Apex uses a blind bidding system that is similar to the traditional FAAB system except other teams never know how much anyone bid on a player. This keeps the bidding process competitive and fair throughout the year.

Get involved in this site in its early stages as they are constantly making changes and listening to user feedback.

They have higher payouts than any other site including Masters, AntSports, and CBS Premium so today is the perfect time to sign up for an Apex Fantasy Football league.

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